Hooray for the internet

My days right now consist of pushing my way through piles of shite created by other people, and quelling my work-induced homicidal tendencies. So, stands to reason that when I get back to CFG HQ the last thing I want to do is talk to people. Or think about people. Or see people. Well, most people.

Bless the internet and its anonymous, informative ways.

Tonight, while pushing around the series of tubes that is the information super highway, I came across Frank Lloyd Wright. I’m not actually sure how I got there – I think I Googled a book I’d heard about (somewhere), which took me to some blog about books, which took me to a blog about, well, all sorts of things, which had a link to Fallingwater.

Wait – a house built OVER A WATERFALL!?< !

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5 Replies to “Hooray for the internet

  1. Pennsylvania is nice! Lots of little backroads and what not. I’ll be up for the trip if you’ll also include Ohio and Illinois. Illinois just for the fact that it is, and Ohio to go to MF Akron!@!~1`

  2. Have we not discussed the greatness that is Frank Lloyd Wright before? I can’t remember. Anyway, his genius will live on forever. I can recommend a visit to his house and studio in Oak Park in the suburbs of Chicago. But I will come to Pennsylvania too.

  3. I spent approximately 1 and a half hours in Pennsylvania on a contiki tour. The most exciting thing in the place was the Rocky statue and the weird cheese sticks.

    I blame my opinion on the Contiki tour guide.

  4. Wayner we can go to Chicago too. There is more architecture then Frank Lloyd Wright that I want to see there.

    Phillipe, I had the same experience on a Contiki tour in Lichtenstein. There were no cheese sticks there though 🙁

    I think we should hire the US version of a Tarago and just DO IT.

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