The one where she sees the holy vessel

To be filed under things I never thought I’d hear myself say –

‘So I was driving through Windsor this afternoon, along Macquarie Street, when the Pope drove past.’

I was very vocal on Friday afternoon about being SO GLAD I was in the city all weekend so as to avoid the whole PopearrivinginRichmond thing. I was a little smug about it even. And then this afternoon I drove headlong into a procession of he and his homies making their way from the RAAF base to his secluded relaxation ranch or what not. The first tip-off was the police helicopters circling overhead – at least 4 of them. The second was the people and video cameras lined up a normally boring stretch of Windsor road – something told me they weren’t that excited about seeing ME drive past. And then suddenly police were everywhere, and one was behind me on a motorbike waving his hands around frantically, motioning me to pull off the road. How rude.

Actually, for a few seconds it was kind of exciting. A ‘wow look at all those police cars!’ kind of exciting. And I know, to the people lined up on the road waiting to glimpse the guy in the funny hat, it was at a super-dooper level of exciting.

I just can’t wait until they get their praying over and done with and I get my city back.

So, the last few weeks I’ve learned some stuff –

1. I like tribute shows. I went to the Bruce Springsteen tribute show at the Vanguard not so long ago and it was fun fun fun. It was the first one I’d been to (minus the INXS cover band we once stumbled in on at R G McGees in Richmond – that doesn’t count) and I’ll tell you what I loved about it – unironic appreciation. Everyone was LOVING IT, and no one was embarrassed about it. Also, where else would you experience Born In The USA performed by a bluegrass band in 3/4 time?

Wait – it unironic a word?

2. It’s true what they say on all those real estate shows – it’s all about location, location, location. If anyone is reading this and lives in Erskineville in a 2 bedroom house, now is a REALLY good time to sell. Okay?

3. Bunnings is less intimidating when you have someone with you.

4. Project Runway Australia was a really bad idea. I think Australian spin-offs of American shows are generally a bad idea, but this one is particularly bad.

5. There’s nothing my cat won’t do for chicken.

Have a good week everyone.

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