Our house

We bought a house this weekend. Me and the boy. The boy and I. Holy holy holy cow.

And it’s wonderful. The house, obviously, but everything. I am joy from beginning to end and nervous energy all the way through. It’s the first time I’ve ever looked forward to packing. I don’t know where to start because it’s all huge and it’s all exciting and holy cow.

Look out Newtown. The west is moving east to the inner west.

So much has been waiting for this weekend. Around every 3rd sentence has ended or began with ‘if we get the house’ in the last 5 or so weeks. The whole auction process is incredibly nerve-wracking, but lucky for this girl there’s another member of the team who is much more equipped for said auction situations. I can get a little anxious.

No, really? 😛

I’ve been so impatient. Now I have a date though. October long weekend. The weekend it all stops being hypothetical and becomes actual, tangible fact.

And I honest to god can’t hardly wait.

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