Now I taste jasmine on my tongue

Okay, so, it turns out my un-coordination is more then anecdotal. For all the smart asses out there, I know we’ve known that for a while, but right now I have a scabby knee and a blue and bloaty ankle as evidence. It’s a long story involving King Street and not looking where I was going and something that looked vaguely like cream cheese, but long story short I am hobbling and feeling decidedly sorry for myself.

This also has more then a bit to do with missing the Newcastle Mountain Goats show because of said ankle. I spent the majority of Saturday afternoon feeling sad, and then angry, and then frustrated, because I couldn’t stand let alone drive 2 hours up the coast. And given how AWESOME the show at Manning Bar was on the Friday night, I’d have given most anything to see them again.

Which is why I’m (we’re) contemplating a trip to Brisbane on Sunday. We’ll see.

I was careful with my expectations for Friday night. Given the mind-blowing greatness of the show last year at the Metro I wanted to give a little room for this one to fall short. And it did. Not by a long way, mind, but a combination of a good not great set list, John’s jet lag and also the LENGTH of the set, meant it just didn’t quite get there on the level of awesome.

I will say this though – there is no more generous performer on earth then John Darnielle. He just throws all he has into his performance, and he’s so endearing and engaging and I don’t know – I could just listen to him rabbit on for hours. And that’s not even mentioning the songs.

Set list and wonderful review here.

I haven’t managed to find a set list from the Newcastle show yet, but in a way that’s probably a good thing. If he played anything from the Coroners Gambit I’m likely to throw a very unattractive tantrum.

What I DID manage to find today was a set list from a DiFranco show on 29/11. And I am EXCITED. Plenty of brand new stuff, a decent amount from Red Letter Year (which I really like) and also some older stuff I’d love to hear any time any where. Like Back Back Back and Overlap. And she opened with FUEL – I live in fear that she won’t perform any spoken word at all and this reignites some hope in me. I love that track so much.

I was listening to School Night today (while working from home – probably the one good outcome from my inability to walk along a street without hurting myself) and that song is such a perfect illustration of what an amazing lyricist she is. No one writes metaphor like she does – there are some lyricists that write direct, scathing lyrics (thank you JD) and some who write with sweeping imagery that you struggle to fully keep up with (Spencer Krug I’m looking at you), but no one writes metaphor like Ani. FACT.

What of the mother
whose house is in flames,
and both of her children
are in their beds crying
She loves them both
with the whole of her heart
but she knows she can only
carry one at a time?
She’s choking on the smoke
of unthinkable choices
She is haunted by the voices
of so many desires
She’s bent over from the business
of begging forgiveness
while frantically running around
putting out fires

But then what kind of scale
compares the weight of two beauties
The gravity of duties
or the ground speed of joy?
Tell me what kind of gauge
can quantify elation
What kind of equation
could I possibly employ?

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