Cheer up, sleepy Jean

Today was pretty craptastic, but there are a few things making me really happy tonight –

  • Spicks and Specks. I don’t watch a lot of TV, but I always make sure I try and remember this is on. I’m so glad I watched it tonight because the FIRST QUESTION OF THE WHOLE SHOW was a question about Ani DiFranco that included a sound byte from the song Manhole. (Also I have a bit of a crush on Adam Hills, and it’s no small way because he was being so nice to that older lady who I can’t remember the name of. Guys who are nice to old ladies make me swoon).

  • On the Righteous Babe website they have announced new DiFranco tour dates. This is the first time she has played live since she suffered a bout of tendonitis over 12 months ago and had to stop touring. No one was really sure what would transpire, and how well she was going to mend, but the fact that she has up and coming tour dates is a really good sign. She might one day end up coming back to Australia after all.

  • I got those tickets to Augie March tonight. I’m kinda glad I held out, because now we have tickets to the Saturday night rather than the Friday night. With Korn on Thursday night and traffic always being a mofo on Fridays, going to this gig on Saturday means I won’t have to rush. And there will be bacon on Sunday morning. And the world (and Hellen) will rejoice.

  • Andrew Bird and his violin-playing prowess.

  • I think I’ve become boring. All those things were music related. OH! I know –

  • I got my mobile phone back after 4 weeks of Brenda having it. I’ve found that the only mobile phone brand to supersede Motorola for all-around fuckedness is Siemens. Honestly, that phone was crap.

  • I’ve just remembered why I love watching Lateline so much. It’s grey-haired men who use the terms ‘dogs breakfast’ and ‘demarcation dispute’ in the same sentence. Ahahaha and he just said fallacious. That’s such an awesome word.

I’m going to try for bed before 11:30. A story on ABC radio this morning (and as a sidenote: please, whoever stole Adam Spencer’s laptop, please give it back to him. He was trying very hard to be understanding this morning and was being a bigger person than I would ever be, and it broke my heart) scared me to death because it said people who cut short on sleep each night can die of terrible diseases. Well, it wasn’t so scare mongering perhaps, but it’s to do with depleted immune systems yada yada. It mentioned each person has a ‘sleep bank’ which makes sense. Tonight I intend to make a deposit.

That sounds a bit strange, doesn’t it?

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